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Cyanobacteria is under the spotlight in a special issue of acclaimed journal Marine and Freshwater Research. The interdisciplinary journal includes research from all over the world, and Volume 71 Number...
Naras Rao, Anthony Agostino and Sina Moradi presented at the 7th IWA Specialist Conference on Natural Organic Matter in Water
Sina Moradi, Anthony Agostino and Naras Rao from the Algae and Organic Matter (AOM) Lab within the UNSW School of Chemical Engineering presented their research at the recent IWA Specialist...
A/Prof Henderson and Prof Stuetz attend the WaterRA AGM
Associate Professor Rita Henderson, academic from the UNSW School of Chemical Engineering, has been elected to the board of Water Research Australia (WaterRA). WaterRA brings together experts in industry, government,...

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Our people and projects

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