UNSW-GWI is a key member of the Australian Water Partnership (AWP) which was launched by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in 2015 to share Australia’s water expertise, primarily in the Indo-Pacific region. AWP is co-hosted at UNSW, where AWP Chief Executive and UNSW Visiting Fellow Professor Gary Jones keeps an office.

AWP objectives include achieving sustainable development goals, bringing about improved water management and providing a gateway for Australian organisations to become more involved in the region. The first phase of the program runs from 2015-2019 and has a total budget of AU$20M with priority countries including India, China, Myanmar, Indonesia, greater Mekong region, Papua New Guinea and Pacific Islands. 

AWP is eliciting project proposals from international partners in the region (including the World Bank and Asian Development Bank) and will use Australian partners (such as the UNSW-GWI) to undertake these ‘demand driven’ projects.

The types of projects of most interest to international partners include:

  • Water resources assessment and accounting
  • Integrated river basin planning
  • Drought and water scarcity management
  • Hydrometeorology and hydroinfomatics
  • Irrigation modernisation
  • Urban utilities modernisation
  • Industry-focused research and training centres
  • Capacity-building and learning

Types of AWP-funded activities provided by Australian partners may include:

  • Expert advice and technical assistance
  • Pilot demonstrations of Australian approaches or technologies
  • Facilitated delegations and study tours
  • Professional staff exchanges and knowledge sharing
  • Participation in important regional dialogues, workshops and events
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