Shuang Liu to commence algal blooms PhD at UNSW

Shuang Liu has recently commenced her PhD studies at UNSW, where she will be looking at understanding algal blooms in shallow lakes in a changing climate. This project is part of the Melbourne Water Nuisance and Harmful Algae Science Practice Partnership (NHASP).

Shallow lakes are vulnerable to climate changes which is causing changes to regional rainfall and hydrology that are expected to increase the risks of harmful algal blooms. Various strategies, guidelines and modelling tools have been developed and implemented to reduce the algal blooms occurrence, however, some water bodies are still influenced by this issue.

Shuang's research aims to develop a classification system for Melbourne Water on the susceptibility of shallow lakes to algal blooms. It will also provide a better understanding of existing model limitations and the means for improving water body design and modelling tools. Finally the project will look at future projections for harmful algae blooms occurrence under different climate change scenario. It is hoped that the project will help to select and improve practical modelling tools to provide a better performance of shallow lakes in the future.

Shuang joins UNSW after working at the China Meteorological Bureau on weather forecasting and then working in STAR Water Solutions in Sydney on different projects including data analysis of Australian stormwater quality. She has a M.Eng (Environmental Engineering) from UNSW and BSc (Environmental Science) from China Agricultural University.

Shuang will be working with Dr Fiona Johnson and A/Prof Will Glamore from UNSW on her PhD research, as well as closely collaborating with Dr Nick Crosbie and the team from Melbourne Water.

For further information about the project or other PhD project opportunities, please contact us.

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