William Glamore

NHASP - Will Glamore
Associate Professor and Principal Research Fellow
UNSW Water Research Centre

Dr William Glamore is an Associate Professor and Principal Research Fellow at the Water Research Laboratory (WRL)in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. William has a Bachelor degree from the University of Colorado (Boulder) and a Doctorate in Civil/Environmental Engineering.  William has been with WRL since 2003 and has managed and undertaken many large studies both domestically and overseas during this time. His primary fields of interest are related to estuarine hydrodynamics and water quality including restoration of estuarine environments, acid sulphate soils, coastal wetlands, boat wake waves, outfall hydraulics and field testing, and related physical and numerical models. William is particularly interested in restoring large wetland and riverine systems. His PhD (1999-2003) was the first long-term doctoral study to investigate the implications of restoring tidal flows to wetlands impacted by acid sulphate soils (awarded PhD of the Year at UoW).